The History of Magnetic Therapy


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Magnets are a fascinating item to be sure. They are interesting to play with, and mysterious to learn about. But, did you know they can be used to heal too? Although magnets are better known for their use in holding things on the refrigerator door, and for their use in electronics and for other scientific endeavors, as well as their directional capabilities, their history of use as a medical treatment comes from ancient times.

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In ancient Africa, evidence of the use of magnets as a healing treatment was found, discovered in a bloodstone (magnetite) mine found dating back as far as 100,000 years ago! Later, in the times of recorded history, from as far back as 2000 BC, the use of magnets was mentioned in China’s Yellow Emperor’s Classic book of Internal Medicine. That is how Feng Shui came about too, when the lodestone (which is an iron oxide) was discovered to have the ability to point to magnetic north. Way back in the 4th Century BC Aristotle was talking about the use of magnets. It has been said that the amazing Egyptian queen Cleopatra also knew of the benefits of magnets, and used to treat herself with one of them on her forehead for medicinal and beautification purposes. In 200 BC the famous Greek medical practitioner, Galen, used magnets for healing.

            In Europe and the Arabian world the use of magnets for healing goes back to at least the 4th Century AD, with medical practitioners using magnets on the hands, feet, and joints.

Healing with Magnets

Healing with Magnets

Then, later on, in the 16th Century, one of the most famous people to promote the use of magnets in healing therapy was Paracelsus, who is considered the “father” of modern medicine. And, even if you haven’t heard of the German doctor Mesmer (who is the father of the so-called animal magnetism), who was a famous magnetic healer from the 18th Century, you have most certainly heard of the term “mesmerized” (which has now become the equivalent of being hypnotized or enthralled), which came from Franz Mesmer’s ability to enchant people with his amazing feats of healing that he attributed first to the magnetism of magnets and iron, and later to his own “animal magnetism”.

            The ancient history of using magnets for healing has carried right up to the present time, with hardly a break in the flow of this history, unlike many other complimentary therapies that were carried over from ancient times. Through the 20th Century magnetic therapy has continued to be used, and is still used right up to now, in the 21st Century. In fact, in as recently as 1983, a new magnet was discovered. It is called an earth neodymium magnet, and it was discovered to be 700 times more powerful than an ordinary magnet, while having the ability not to lose its charge for an indefinite period of time. The ramifications of that discovery are clearly priceless.

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The use of magnets in healing therapy is even accepted by “allopathic” practitioners, and scientific studies have shown that the correct use of magnets in medical therapy has clear value in several areas, particularly in the healing of broken bones, specifically those breaks that aren’t responding to conventional methods. An even more promising use for magnets is their use in cancer therapy, which is showing a number of successes. Even the space group, NASA, use magnets in their space program, in order to help prevent weakness in astronauts. There is continuing research being done in the area of magnets used for medicinal and healing purposes, and recent studies done at major American universities have shown clear and promising results, particularly in the use of magnets placed over certain areas of the body and their ability to accord a relief of pain in that area.

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There are several different methods being used with magnetic therapy, but all of them are based on the same idea, that magnets can help to bring the body back to general good health by balancing the various systems of the body and opening the flow of the energy in the body. The use of magnets is safe and easy, although their use is not for everyone. For example, people with certain electronic devices placed internally, such as pacemakers, wouldn’t want to use magnetic devices for healing purposes due to the possibility of the disruption of such devices. But, otherwise, magnets can be used safely by young and old alike.

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At the present time, magnetic therapy for medicinal purposes is recognized all over the world as a valid and beneficial healing treatment. In fact, over 45 countries officially recognize it. The best thing about magnetic therapy is the ease of use and the low, low cost. As more and more scientific studies are conducted, more and more benefits of the use of magnetic therapy are certain to be discovered. And, although it is a good idea to have a medical practitioner overseeing your condition, with magnetic therapy, you can often heal yourself, due to the ease of use when dealing with magnets. There are literally thousands of magnetic healing products out on the market now, including magnetic beds, magnetic bracelets, joints wraps, buttons, and more. And, while those products are most certainly commercial in nature, some of them being rather expensive, many of them are quite inexpensive as well, and are easily affordable by all.

            Thus, the ancient history of magnetic healing has carried us over right up to the present and is still going strong, and an amazing history it is!

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