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We have been talking about dieting for several weeks now, and I bet you’re wondering whether there are any diets that actually work, since we have, for the most part, been talking about diet supplements, drugs, and more, that don’t really work. Last week we discussed the two most common forms of weight loss surgery (there are other more minor forms, but I will not get into them now, since they are practically useless). But, not everyone is at a weight heavy enough for weight loss surgery, and some people simply don’t want to take a step that drastic. So, you are certain to be wondering if there is any other way to diet that actually works and doesn’t cost a fortune. Well, there are ways, although, a certain method might work for someone, but not for you. So, you really have to take every case on its own merit, and if you are the one dieting, you have to ask yourself what will work for you personally. If you aren’t sure, then try different things until you get it right, but in the meantime, there are statistics available about what does and doesn’t work for the majority. So, take some advice from others.

One recent study showed that of the only 1 out of 4 dieters actually stuck to whatever diet they had started for a year or more, but if they did they would be more likely to keep off the weight that was lost. The bottom line of this particular study is that no matter what your diet choice is, if you are in it for the long term, you will inevitably be successful.

The problem is that there are so many different diets out there that you probably don’t know where to begin. There are also several private weight loss clinics here in Kuwait, and they are fine and help their patients to a limit. But, after that, the patient is again at a loss. There is no real support system set up to encourage and inspire. Another important factor in successful dieting seems to be the buddy system, or having a friend along for the ride with you. So, it is almost inevitable that, if you are on a diet, being part of a group is going to help you a great deal, if not be totally responsible for the success.

Another important factor is exercise. I know that hardly anyone who needs to be on a diet wants to exercise (I know I don’t). The fact is that it is downright difficult, tiring, and time consuming. But, the fact of the matter is that if you don’t get moving, every ounce of weight that you have to get rid of will not be going very far, and is more likely to reappear on your hips very quickly again even if you do lose it. The idea is to find the type of exercises that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy doing them, there is no point, because how are you going to be able to continue long term with something that you can’t stand? There are so many choices out there you should be able to find one or two types of exercise that suit you.

Then, how will you decide which type of diet you will choose. For starters, if you see the words “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” run in the other direction. Not only will you NOT lose that much weight in that very short period of time, but you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Choose a diet that is well balanced and had a long track record. There are so many different diets out there you will not be at a loss for choice. I will mention a few good ones here, but you really have to choose the one that works for you. You are an individual, and just because the “heart disease diet” worked for your aunt Mary doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you too. Some of the good, balanced, healthy diets that I have seen around are The Atkins Diet (my personal favorite, but it must be followed correctly, so you really have to buy the book, sign up for information on their website or e-diets, and follow the rules), South Beach, Healthy Heart, Low Glycemic Index Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Mayo Clinic Diet, and there are many more. The idea is that you should be getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from a wide variety of foods. Those one food diets that you hear about all the time are generally not a really good idea. Your health will suffer and most people get so bored with that type of diet that they end up binging when they are done and gaining back all the weight they lost and more! What a waste (literally and figuratively)!


Statistics show that dieting with a buddy will give you more of a chance to succeed, so join a diet group if you have the opportunity to do so. If you don’t have a group in your area, join an online group. There are literally hundreds out there. Some of them are free, for example: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/ is one, and also the Atkins site: http://www.atkins.com/, which is a great and informative site (and I mentioned that I’m particular to the success of this diet, as long as it is followed correctly). The Atkins site has several advantages over others, and one of the best of all is that it is FREE!!! I am also a big fan of e-diets: http://www.ediets.com/. On that site, you have to pay to join, but it is not expensive and worth every penny. You become a part of a group, there are physical challenges, and they work out a diet program for you based on your own personal preferences. This is great because it gives you the support system that you need to be able to continue long term. This site has had a lot of success, and people are very positive about their experiences with it. They offer a high amount of support in whichever area you feel need. I highly recommend it. Weight Watchers is another of my highly recommended sites. Here again you do have to pay a small fee, but you are given so many tools that encourage you to stay on track with your diet that it is worth it: http://www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx. Still, though the Atkins site is my own personal favorite because it is chock full of information, has support groups, chat groups, recipes, diet advice, and more, and, best of all, it’s free!

My other favorite low carb site is actually a paleo site: Mark’s Daily Apple. 

And, of course, there are many more… if you know any good ones, share them below!

So, the bottom line is, if you want to lose weight, there are literally thousands of options out there for you, but be sure that you choose the one that is right for you. Stay away from fads and diets that cost a great deal of money. Pick a diet that is going to work for you, and give you your desired results, without turning you into a zombie. Now, get out there and shed those pounds!!!

To help you get started… here are some good books that you can get from Amazon~

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Help!!! My Skin Looks Terrible! What Can I do?


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YAA059000003.jpgNatural Beauty 2


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that your skin looked unhealthy? Has your skin ever looked blotchy, too ruddy, pimply, dull and drab, or just plain blah? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions (and frankly, who hasn’t?), then the following information is just for you!


            If you have heard the saying “you are what you eat”, then you are on the right track, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Chances are that your diet is not as good as it could be. Before you go out and buy a bunch of expensive creams, evaluate this most important aspect. If you have a chocolate bar for breakfast, potato chips and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread, washed down with two cans of regular soda, for lunch, and fast food for dinner (as many people actually do nowadays), then you will definitely need to revamp what you eat!

Organic Beauty

  Organic Beauty With Essential Oil: Over 400+ Homemade Recipes For Natural Skin Care, Hair Care and Bath & Body Products

The first step of your day of healthy skin eating is breakfast. Don’t skip it, and be sure that your choices in the morning are wholesome and healthy, since this meal will set the scenario for the entire day. Good skin choices are a variety of the following: whole cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, perhaps some fresh cheese (not too much though), eggs, lentils, beans, or other pulses, and dried fruit (although fresh is preferable). 

            If you snack or have a meal at work or school, then think of what you will have and plan ahead. Don’t wait until you are famished, and have no alternative other than to pick up something out of a vending machine, fast food joint, quickie supermarket, cafeteria, or snack bar. Your choices at those places are not likely to be as healthy as they would be if you planned them ahead of time and brought a couple snacks to work with you in the morning. Also, don’t wait until you are starving either. This will set you up for a fall. You are more likely to reach for something unhealthy in desperation. Unless you have healthy choices, it is probably best not to order out. Try to stick with whole fruit, veggie sticks, and, perhaps, some cold fish or chicken. If you have a microwave at work or school, all the better to eat healthily. Bring soup, leftovers from dinner the night before, or sautéed vegetables, for example.

Natural Beauty at Home

Natural Beauty at Home: More Than 250 Easy-to-Use Recipes for Body, Bath, and Hair

For lunch, make sure that you have a substantial meal. This works well with the system in the East, since the midday meal is normally the largest one anyway. But, if you are from the West, and you are used to having your main meal at night, then rethink this policy, and make sure that you eat a heavier meal in the daytime, so that your body will have a chance to digest it and use the energy that a large meal will supply. Here in Kuwait, rice a staple food, and, for those of you reading who are from India, the Philippines, or other Asian countries, you would do much better to choose wholegrain brown rice, instead of white. It is widely available here in Kuwait at the supermarkets, and, although it takes a little extra effort and time, it is well worth the effort. Try to stick with fresh proteins, vegetables, and fruit, to accompany your rice, instead of cured, smoked, or salted proteins. Also, try to keep the chili and spice at a minimum. I know this may be difficult, since this is what you are used to eating, but you will notice a difference in your skin, and indeed, your health very quickly. For those hailing from the West (as I am), keep it simple and wholesome at lunch too. If you are not used to eating a heavy meal at this time, then don’t force yourself, but try to eat the bulk of your food during the daylight hours. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh proteins, vegetables, and fruit, with a variety of whole grains thrown in for good measure. Whether you eat these things hot or cold is not the issue, but that you eat them, and not junk, if possible. This is the only way to make sure that your skin looks its best and that your health remains tip top.

 Practical Paleo

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

For dinner, it is best to keep it light, and fairly early. You don’t want to go to bed with a full stomach. First of all, you will not be able to sleep comfortably, and second of all, the food will not be able to be digested properly and completely, and your skin will show it! Again, here, as with the other meals, plenty of fresh protein, vegetables, and fruit are what is called for. You will need to make sure that you balance things, leaning toward the wholesome watery fruit and vegetables more heavily. Try to keep away from the heavy spices all the time, particularly at the evening meal, as they will stick with you longer and you will sleep with them in your body. You will notice it if you do, and pretty soon your skin will begin to show the signs! I will remind you again, fresh fruit and vegetables are the most important part of your meal, especially at night. If you want a grain, then have it, but make appropriate choices, and keep it small.

Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change: Ditch the Diets, Conquer the Cravings, and Eat Your Way to Lifelong Health

The idea is to stick to things that are healthy and beneficial to your body, and to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need. Yes, you can take a multivitamin as well, but, really, if you are looking for optimum skin benefits, whole foods are the way to go. Herbal teas are also a good idea throughout the day, especially if you are a habitual coffee or tea drinker. Substitute those choices for healthy herbs instead. Peppermint, chamomile, sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and others are found in practically every kitchen and can be easily brewed into a light and refreshing tea that not only tastes delicious, but also helps to cleanse our bodies of toxins, and keep our lymph and excretory systems working their best.

 Natural Beauty Recipes

Natural Beauty: Homemade Recipes for Radiant Skin & Hair

In order to keep your skin as bright as it can be, and ward off acne, eczema, and all those other nasty skin problems (along with a slew of other health problems), make sure that you drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep at the appropriate time (night!), stay away from toxins (cigarette smoke, arbitrary medications, pollution, chemicals, junk food, etc.), make sure your bathroom habits are good (you should be having regular bowel movements of normal consistency, and urinating regularly (the urine should, preferably be clear in color), and eat as well as you can. There are plenty of good food choices out there nowadays in Kuwait, so there is really no excuse. Whole grains, and even breads with no yeast are widely available now in most supermarkets. There are even organic restaurants now that serve whole foods that are delicious and good for you too!

 The Green Beauty Guide

The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances

So, if you suffer from skin problems (or even if you don’t), your diet and lifestyle are the most important things you can help yourself with. Don’t jump right out to the skin specialist and whine that your skin is sick. What they give you will simply compound the problem. Your solution is closer to home, and, indeed, it is right in front of your mirror!

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