Quick and Easy Way To Get Rid of Tinnitus


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There are many people who suffer horribly from tinnitus or similar diseases. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. There are many more where that came from, you’re in good company. The fact is that just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Indeed it does, and if you aren’t sure, just ask one of the thousands, even millions of people around the world who suffer from tinnitus on a daily basis. In fact there are almost 36 million sufferers in the USA alone!

Tinnitus can be described as a ringing in one’s ears. Some people report hearing other sounds as well, such as popping, whistling, pulsing, screeching, whooshing, buzzing and worse, and that din is going on right inside of your head. Some people even report being able to hear music! Normally, the sufferer is the only one who can hear the sounds, but in a very few people, the noises can even be heard from the outside. The problem can be in one or both ears, and can be very debilitating for some. In certain cases the tinnitus comes and goes and isn’t present all the time. In other cases the tinnitus is there constantly and never goes away. Some sufferers report that the only relief for them from the noise is sleep. Some others don’t even get relief when they sleep! For some people the problem is minor and bearable, but for others, the problem is not as bearable, and in some extreme cases people have even committed suicide because they couldn’t take the noise any more. It literally drove them to death. Now, while the cases of very severe tinnitus are rare, they do happen, and even the simple cases where the tinnitus is mild are cases where the people would do practically anything to get rid of it. The problem is that it’s sometimes not that easy to do.

Tinnitus can have many causes, including sinus problems (like sinusitis, infection, allergy, etc), ear inflammation or infection, various ear defects (like damage to the nerve endings of the ear), exposure to loud noises (this is particularly a problem of young people who go to rock concerts and can even result in permanent hearing loss, so if you know a teenager who listens to his stereo at high decibels (too loudly), stop him immediately, before it’s too late), ear wax build up, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, tension or stress (anxiety), vitamin deficiencies, jaw problems, eye or optical nerve problems, certain medications, neck and head injuries, brainstem or brain injuries, and worse of all tumors (but those are extremely rare). Elderly people tend to suffer more than others.

Once you find out the cause of your particular tinnitus, then you can work on doing something about it. While there isn’t a lot of success in treating it with medications, certain therapies have been found useful and effective for many. For example, if your problem is sinus related, then you can take antihistamines (or other anti-allergy medications). While there are other medications that have been known to be effective as well, most medications aren’t very effective and chemical medicaments are not ideal in any case. In some rare cases surgery is performed, but it isn’t always effective either.

The advice that most doctors give sufferers is to avoid loud noises, get plenty of rest, and eat good wholesome foods (since there is evidence showing that dietary changes and eating certain chemicals and additives can even cause tinnitus). Get plenty of exercise too, because an increase of beneficial activity has also been found quite effective. If you smoke or drink a lot of caffeine or diet drinks, stop!

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There are some alternative choices to try when it comes to treating tinnitus. Some are reported more effective than others, but when you are suffering from an illness that is as annoying as this one is, you will generally be willing to try almost anything. Reflexology has been noted to be quite effective against many kinds of tinnitus, even the worst kinds. It appears to affect the workings of the ear and the symptoms that caused it in the first place. Along the same lines acupressure and acupuncture have been noteworthy as well.

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Some people have found that taking the herb Gingko biloba is effective, and also vitamins, such as Vitamin A, the B vitamins, folic acid, or Zinc.

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While tinnitus is a real disease, and affects people physically, hypnosis can be of help in many cases. While it isn’t completely understood why this therapy works, it does, and thus cannot be overlooked when dealing with such a stubborn problem.

Yes, tinnitus is a big problem for those who suffer from it, but there are ways to help it, and hopefully more on the way!

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This article originally appeared in the Arab Times Newspaper in Kuwait in June 2006

So You Have Diabetes? Get Rid of Diabetes Naturally


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Herbs for Diabetes

            Diabetes is one of those diseases that are dreaded by everyone. The bad news about diabetes is that it is very dangerous and can lead to death. The good news about diabetes is that there are several things that people can do to help themselves feel better and often even beat it.

            There are two types of diabetes. The lesser of the two evils is called Type II diabetes, which is when the body isn’t producing enough insulin to take care of the body’s needs, or when, for some reason the body isn’t recognizing the insulin that is being produced. The other type is the one that normally hits children and young adults, and is also called juvenile diabetes, or Type I diabetes, and this is when the body doesn’t produce any insulin at all, for whatever reason. Both types of diabetes are serious and life threatening, although Type I is more serious than Type II, but in the natural world of alternative medicine there are many things that you can do to help yourself, no matter which type you suffer from.

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            As with all diseases, we always want to do our best to be less invasive, and thus, we should always begin with the easiest methods. A good thing to begin treating diabetes with would be reflexology or acupressure. I have seen reflexology alone get rid of diabetes completely, even in elderly patients. The best part about non-invasive treatments like reflexology and acupressure is that they will always lead toward homeostasis and good health, and, properly used will never harm. So, even if you aren’t completely cured of whatever you are suffering from, you will always get benefit.

Along with the manipulation therapies, dietary changes are important and necessary. The types of changes that suit both types of diabetes best are changes that give the body a chance to rest and distress. In order to do that people who suffer from both types of diabetes need to cut down on all carbohydrates, including complex ones (except for non-starchy vegetables), and cut refined carbohydrates out completely. Things like white flour, white sugar (even fructose and other “-ose” sugars), white rice, and other food items that are high in refined carbohydrates need to be drastically reduced, and preferably completely eradicated from your diet. Those less healthy things can be replaced with good foods like healthy, wholesome proteins (lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, cheese, and more), raw and cooked vegetables, and low glycemic index fruits. In addition to the healthy benefits of the better diet, you will also possibly lose weight, which will usually reduce your diabetic symptoms further, sometimes even eliminating the diabetes altogether!

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It is important that you get enough sleep, and to make certain that your sleeping pattern is a night sleeping, day waking pattern, so that your bodily glands will be able to work at their optimum capability. This is imperative with all diseases, and particularly diabetes.

There are also several herbal remedies that are quite effective with both types of diabetes. Cinnamon is up and coming as a helper herb in the fight against diabetes, and scientific studies are very promising in this respect. Ginseng has also been shown to have a positive effect on diabetes and the other symptoms that go along with it, but must be taken with caution, since it is a stimulant (don’t mix it with other stimulants like caffeine, ephedra, or others). Both onion and garlic seem to have a positive glucose lowering effect on the blood, as well as increasing the action of the immune system in general. In addition to this, studies have found that they are effective in helping other bodily functions, such as insulin production, and cardiovascular benefits too. Fenugreek is another of nature’s miracles. Studies have shown that diabetic symptoms improve a great deal with the regular ingestion of fenugreek seeds (in teas, etc.). Blueberry leaves and Ginkgo Biloba leaves are also very effective on various diabetic symptoms, including circulatory, which can decrease the likelihood of the blindness and other problems that are often associated with diabetes. Burdock is another herb that has been found to be effective, along with the Sage that is found in practically every kitchen around the world!

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Ayurvedic herbal remedies have also been shown to be quite effective in the fight against diabetes, and similarly, Chinese traditional medicine also, in its own right, has been shown to positively affect diabetic symptoms too.

The great thing about the use of herbal remedies with diabetes is their cumulative effect. Also, you don’t need a lot of any of these herbs to get the positive effect that you are looking for, and some herbs, such as Blueberry leaves have even been tested in injected form, and their effects are similar to insulin, without all of the possible dangerous side effects.

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Naturally, with diabetes, as with most other diseases, regular exercise will help immensely with the disease itself and its symptoms. You can lower your blood sugar levels with activities such as walking, swimming, weight lifting, dancing and more! So, get moving!

As with all other medical treatments, the best course of action is to make sure that your condition is being monitored by a qualified medical professional, and even with herbal remedies, this is the case.

The bottom line here is that you CAN help yourself, and can even get rid of your diabetes completely if you take care of yourself, eat right, and exercise. Don’t let yourself accept the death sentence that diabetes can often bring. Fight it, but in a positive way!

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