Quick and Easy Way to Get Rid of Dizziness and Vertigo


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Easy Natural Remedy for Dizziness and Vertigo!

If you are suffering from dizziness (vertigo), you will be eager to find out how to solve the problem.

This is a problem that many people suffer from, particularly people who also have sinus problems.

Many medical professionals tell their patients that this problem is due to something in their head, high blood pressure, neck problems, and other things.

But, the reality is that, in my experience, ALL of my patients had the same cause of this problem, sinus congestion, either chronic or acute, and the problem was easily solved with a very simple reflexology technique.

What is Dizziness and Vertigo From?

The main cause of dizziness is an imbalance in the inner ear.

This imbalance is usually caused by problems in the sinuses, although, sometimes there is no apparent cause.

In my personal experience as a natural practitioner having seen thousands of patients over the years, there is always a cause, whether apparent or not, and it’s usually from sinus congestion of one form or another, even if the person isn’t aware they are suffering from a problem.

When the liquid in the inner ear is disturbed or changed, you can’t balance properly, and therefore feel dizzy.

Reflexology for Dizziness and Vertigo

There is a reflexology point that is the only thing you need to learn in order to cure your dizziness.

You can use this reflex point either on the hands or the feet. You will need to make sure that when you press on the point, you do it on both hands or both feet, so that you take care of both sides of the body. (This is even if you’re sure your problem is only on one side).

You open your fingers (on the hand) and the spot right between the fore and third fingers and the fourth and pinkie fingers, down deep into the base of the fingers is exactly the spot you need to press.

You should also press all around that area, in order to make sure that you are pressing the correct place.

You will know when you have got the right place, because it will hurt like crazy! If it doesn’t hurt, believe me, you don’t have the right area.

You will need to press quite hard in order to get relief, but even light pressing (if you absolutely can’t take it) is effective.

It will just take longer to get cured.

You will want to press as hard as you can and as hard as you can take.

But use your hands (fingers and thumbs) only.

Don’t use any wooden prods, or any other objects.

Remember, when you use your hands, you are not only getting the benefit of the pressing, but you are also getting a good dose of universal energy!

On the foot it’s between the same numbered toes.

Reflexology for the Hands

Reflexology is pretty much just as effective on the hands as it is on the feet.

So, if you are going to be doing your own treatments, don’t worry.

You can still get a very effective treatment on your hands, too.

When you are pressing the points for the inner ear and around that, you will need to really dig deep down in between the two middle fingers and almost down to the bone.

It will hurt if you have the right location.

Supplementary Sinus Relief (To Help Reduce Dizziness and Vertigo Even More)
This is the section I have been promising everyone)…

Anyone who knows anything about the human anatomy knows that the sinuses and ears are basically open onto one another.

So, if you are suffering from sinus issues, you can be pretty sure you are going to suffer from ear issues as well.

Unfortunately, one of the most common ways we feel the ear – sinus relationship is by feeling dizzy.

The congestion seems to get into our inner ear (or at least affect it) and puts us off balance and sometimes makes it seem like the room is spinning.

This can be quite dangerous if it comes upon us suddenly, particularly if we are driving the car when it happens.

Or, what if we are operating dangerous machinery?

I wouldn’t want anyone to be in such a horrible situation ever.

So, is a very simple and easy remedy to keep your sinuses clear and open, which, in turn, helps to keep your inner ear in order and balanced.

Steaming With Essential Oils Is Easy To Do

All you have to do to clear out your sinuses and help your dizziness and vertigo is STEAM!!!!

Just take a pot or bowl (stable) of hot steaming water, have a towel ready, and put drops of your favorite essential oil… either eucalyptus, thyme, or pine.

eucalyptus oil   pine oil   thyme oil

Put 2 – 4 drops (Watch out for thyme, which is very strong, although very, very effective)…

Then, with the towel over your head.. inhale the steam as deeply as you can….

That’s it! EASY PEASY!!!

Alternatively, you could try using a steam inhaler.. I am going to put a link below to the highest rated ones on Amazon.

steam inhaler

This one is kind of expensive, but highly rated, and seems to be easier to use than any of the other ones….

Sinus Washing
The Neti Pot

Yes, for some people this will be weird.

But, for others, this will be the difference between suffering and not.

Using a neti pot to wash ones sinuses out with salt water is the most amazing and easy solution to nasal congestion in general.

It is easy to learn how to use, but, for some people may feel strange in the beginning.

Push yourself and go for it… there isn’t a person I know who has used this and not raved about it.

Here’ s a link to the most popular neti pot on Amazon…

neti pot