Natural Health

Western Herbalism

The first leg in our tour of herbal medicine will be Western herbalism (also known as Western phytotherapy). That is the tradition that I practice and is the tradition that […]

What is Herbology?

When we talk about alternative medicine we are talking about anything that is out of the realm of conventional. Conventional meaning allopathic, or what you get most of the time […]

About Mandarin Essential Oil

              When we think of fruit salad, we think of mandarin oranges. A mandarin orange is a small, orange-like fruit, with a super sweet taste, delectable fruity sections, and […]

About Anise Essential Oil and Herb

              This herb is one of those that is so common that practically everyone has smelled it, tasted it, and probably even has it in their kitchen right now! […]

If you care about your health, you’re always better off starting out naturally. I will be posting all of my articles, sites, and health blogs right here for everyone to […]