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Mandarin Tree


            When we think of fruit salad, we think of mandarin oranges. A mandarin orange is a small, orange-like fruit, with a super sweet taste, delectable fruity sections, and a delicate flavor. In the USA we call it a tangerine. It is perhaps the fruit that is called “afendi” here in Kuwait. They are also known by a slew of other names, including Clementine, and there are an extremely wide variety of them available around the world. But, that is not all that mandarin oranges are about! In the world of natural essential oils, mandarin oranges are another valuable tool in your repertoire of nature’s choices.

            The Latin name for mandarin orange is “Citrus reticulata” (or also “madurensis”) .  The usual method for extracting the essential oil is cold pressing, and is derived from the peel of the fruit. This oil is one of the most uplifting and refreshing of all. When you smell it you will immediately think of citrus. It is not a strong aroma, but a gentle, sweet aroma. Just smelling it will make you feel great! Mandarin is the safest of all the citrus family of essential oils. This essential oil most often comes from Italy, South America, and Japan, although the USA grows plenty of this wonderful little fruit as well. It originated in China, though, and the name, “mandarin” came from the Mandarin Chinese Empire.

Mandarin Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil. 30 ml (1 oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.

Mandarin essential oil is great for calming you down from you every day stresses. If you are a nervous person, this is the oil for you.

This essential oil is great for skin problems, and is mild enough to use regularly. It is good for brightening up dull skin, taking care of scars and stretch marks on worn out skins. If you suffer from acne or other skin breakouts, mandarin will help you in the mildest manner, and combining mandarin with calendula oil and putting it on your face will cure practically anything, whether it is from a dry skin condition, an allergic skin condition, or an oily skin condition. For those who are suffering from wrinkles, mandarin is also great. But, make sure that if you use mandarin oil directly on the skin, you do not go out into the direct sunlight, because it is known for producing little brown spots on exposed sun. It is better if you use mandarin oil, to wear a hat and a sunscreen when going out, but using it on your body, as long as it is under wraps, is fine. Mandarin essential oil is one of the weapons in the fight against aging, and has a strong cell repairing action, and is great for super dehydrated skins. 

For people who are suffering from insomnia, mandarin will help, and combining it with another relaxing oil like lavender is even better. 

Mandarin essential oil is great for muscles pain, cramps of all sorts, even menstrual cramps. It is so safe that even pregnant women need not fear in its use. In fact, this oil is so well liked by children, while being extremely calming that it is commonly used for hyperactive children.  

If you suffer from digestive upset, mandarin oil will help, and all you have to do is rub it on (preferably blended into a base oil) to the outside of wherever it is that you feel pain.

Mandarin oil is a great anti-fungal agent, and is also anti-bacterial and antiseptic.

If you suffer from urinary problems, you can also use mandarin oil for mild relief.

It is great for detoxifying your body, and purifying the lymph in the body, and will also work for children and the elderly, so from a safety point of view, you never have to worry when it comes to mandarin oil.

If you have respiratory problems, mandarin oil should be of great help to you. It will not only calm down the spasm, especially if you are coughing a lot, but it will also help to reduce the inflammation, and get rid of the phlegm.  

The best part of all about this essential oil is that if you can’t readily find the mandarin oil, then all you have to do to get similar benefits, is to take a tangerine, remove the peel (which is easy to do, since the peel is normally so loose around the fruit), and twist it. You will get some of that valuable essential oil! If you like, you can twist it directly into another oil, like olive oil, for example, to get a usable do-it-yourself essential oil blend.

This is yet another addition to your natural home pharmacy. Try it!

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