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If you have ever lived in an area that is infested with mosquitoes, you will most likely be familiar with the aroma of the essential oil that we are talking about today. In the USA, if you live near a pond, or woods, or if you like to go camping in the summer, you will definitely be able to appreciate our subject today. Anyone who has come out of a camping trip covered from head to toe in horribly itchy mosquito bites will know where I am coming from. Here in Kuwait we have a mosquito problem as well, but it is a minor one. None the less, many people complain that mosquitoes have invaded. So, imagine if you had to go to one of the jungle countries where mosquitoes are not only rampant but carry dangerous diseases? The good news is there is a very special essential oil that will take care of your worries. The even better news is that this essential oil can be good for other things too! Read on!

The name of this amazing essential oil is citronella oil. The scientific name for it is either “Cymbopogon nardus”, or “Cymbopogon winterianus” (depending on which strain it is) and it is most commonly steam distilled from the leaves, which are a tropical “grass”. The aroma of this essential oil is definitely citrusy, but very pleasant. Although there are different breeds of plant, basically they all do the same work, with very slight differences. So, although the various types are considered differing strains, this doesn’t affect the efficacy of the oil. Most of the citronella oil that comes out of the market today comes from either Java or Sri Lanka, although it is grown in some other areas as well, but today the plants are cultivated all over the world, including Haiti, the South Pacific, India, Central America, and tropical Africa.

Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella oil has been used for centuries as a bug repellant, but the interesting thing is that it has also been used to repel other things, for example cats! Even today it is still being used in this respect, particularly for mosquitoes, but even for other small animals, as apparently, they cannot stand the aroma, although, humans find it extremely pleasant, and even use citronella essential oil in making some of the most popularly selling body products on the market today, particularly the line of products marketed by the Avon company, called Skin-So-Soft, which have a distinctly citronella aroma, that is both pleasing and invigorating. Citronella’s use against mosquitoes is becoming more and more valuable, particularly with the threat of the West Nile virus.

Citronella essential oil has also been used for many other purposes as well, for example as a post-childbirth treatment thought to help the new mother get back to her normal self.

It takes care of you when you feel exhausted, and is very uplifting. If you suffer from ordinary headaches or migraines you will benefit from the use of citronella essential oil.

It is great for helping with colds, the flu, and other infections.  It is also great for those who suffer from spastic-type cramps, whether menstrual or digestive.

It is said to be great for oily skin problems. And it is said to help with people who perspire too much. If you suffer from any sort of pain from muscles or joints citronella essential oil will also help you with that, due to its ability to draw the blood up to the surface of an area, which is extremely beneficial in such cases.

This essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic, as are most other essential oils.

Although citronella is most often made into candles, lanterns, bug sprays and the like, you will find that using it as a pure essential oil is extremely simple and easy to do. All you have to do is blend a few drops of the pure essential oil in with any base oil you choose. I personally like olive oil, but even cream will do.

So, if you are plagued with mosquitoes, you need to look no further for the solution to your problems. Citronella essential oil is the answer you are looking for, and with the fact that it is great for lots of other problems too, is just icing on the cake!

Citronella Oil Large

Citronella 100% Pure Essential Oil, 16oz

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these citronella tea light candles… so cute for your garden patio and you can keep those nasty mosquitoes away in style 🙂

Citronella Tea Light Candles

Citronella Votive Candles (Set of 72)

And, finally, this cool citronella fire log can be burned for a great fire effect, as well as the anti mosquito benefits. So fun!

Citronella Fire Log

Earthlog, EC1000 Citronella Fire Log, Manufactured Anti-Mosquito Fire Log, 3Pack,Yellow and Green, 13X9.75X3.25

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i would like to have information about how to make citronella tea in powder to sell?If necessary i´m willing to travel to Ethiopia and learn or possibly your team can come to my country (Angola)

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Samir Fernandes

About making citronella tea, sorry, but I really have no idea. We normally use citronella in essential oil form…. but if you have contacts in Ethiopia or anywhere else where citronella grows, that would be your best bet. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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