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Normally when we hear of black pepper we think of the powdery stuff that we shake onto our food at the dinner table. There are liter,mally thousands of uses for the herb that we call Black Pepper, particularly culinary ones. Or, perhaps the thought of black pepper might conjure an urge to sneeze. But we don’t normally think of black pepper as a medicinal herb, although that is indeed what it is, and a darned good one at that!

The scientific name for black pepper is “Piper nigrum”, and it comes originally from the Asian subcontinent, specifically India and Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Indonesia, in addition to other places. It is usually steam distilled, as are most essential oils, and it is the berry that is used for medicinal purposes.  

This medicinal herb has been recorded to have been used for centuries, if not thousands of years by the ancient Chinese, and in Sanskrit medicine, and was also revered by the Romans and Greeks in their heyday. It was also used in trade, and sometimes even used as a form of currency.

Although you wouldn’t think so, black pepper essential oil has a very pleasant, sweetish aroma. Since black pepper oil blends so well with other essential oils, blends made with black pepper oil included have wonderful scents, and are a delight to use. But, with black pepper essential oil, a little goes a long way, so only a few drops are needed in any particular blend, with a base oil like olive oil as a good choice.

Black pepper essential oil is good for so many different problems that you will have trouble choosing. It is known for its powers against toxins, in general, and that is one of the reasons that it is so useful with rheumatism and arthritis.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper oil helps with urinary tract problems, and is a diuretic, so if you suffer from water retention and bloating, a nice base oil with a little black pepper oil will work wonders. It is also a great kidney tonic.

Black pepper is well known for its use with digestive problems, and is said to be great for over-gassiness, and even constipation. At the same time it is good for dysentery and diarrhea! It is used to get rid of worms also! It is good for nausea and ingestion, as well as heart burn. It is also good for appetite loss.  It is also helpful with toothaches, mouth ulcers and other oral complaints.  

Black pepper is good for hormone imbalances and lack of desire. If you can imagine, black pepper is even considered an aphrodisiac!

If you suffer from a foggy mind or a memory that isn’t what it used to be, use black pepper oil in a light blend, and you will notice improvement. It is considered a mind tonic. In fact, black pepper is like a whole body tonic, and it is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Having a full body massage with a blend that includes black pepper oil is one amazing experience that you should try!

But, you must always remember that black pepper oil is strong, and powerful, so all you need is a very little, only a few drops at the most, as compared to other essential oils. If you use too much it could be irritating to the skin.

So, we can add black pepper to our natural pharmacy of important and useful essential oils that are great to have around the house.

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